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iBERIABANK Visa® Classic Card

  • No annual membership fee
  • Low variable rate of 7.25%, 10.25%, or 13.25% (Prime + 4.00%, Prime + 7.00%, or Prime + 10.00%) as of 4/1/10 based on the creditworthiness. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. (If there is an interest charge, the charge will be no less than $1.00).
  • Low Introductory APR on balance transfers of 1.99% for your first 6 billing cycles, this rate will not change during the introductory period. Applies to balance transfers processed within three months of your account open date. After that, your APR will be the same as your assigned purchase rate, based on your creditworthiness. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.
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    Intro APR N.A 1.99% N.A
    Intro Period N.A 6 billing cycles N.A
    Regular APR 7.25%, 10.25%, or 13.25% 7.25%, 10.25%, or 13.25% 12.75%, 16.25%, or 19.25%
    Transaction Fee N.A 2% $5 or 5% (Max. Fee: $100)
      Credit History
      Excellent Credit
      Good Credit
      Fair Credit
      Bad Credit
      No / New Credit
    General Info  
    Annual / Membership $0.00
    Late Payment $15 - $35
    International Transaction 3% of the transaction amount for all transactions where the merchant country is not the United States
    Default Rate APR See Terms*
    Grace Period 25 Days
    Minimum Finance Charge $1.00
    Disclaimer N.A
    Features & Rewards
      Balance Transfer
      Low APR
    Expert's Review

    IBERIABANK Visa® Classic is a credit card that is ideal for those who have to carry balance. Issued by the Pulaski Bank, this card has a range of general benefits that can prove to be helpful for the cardholders in several ways. There is a 0% APR in the introductory period to start with and many other benefits, though this card does not come packed with some exceptional rewards programs and offers.

    Let us see in detail what IBERIABANK Visa® Classic has in store for you. To begin with, you have to pay a nominal charge in the initial six 6 billing cycles, that is the introductory period, while transferring balance from credit cards that are coming with high interest rates. But then you have to make this transaction within the first three months. Even when the introductory period is over, IBERIABANK Visa® Classic offers a reasonably low rate of interest on various transactions. The regular APR is 7.25%, 10.25%, or 13.25% as of 1/01/10 based on your creditworthiness. Apart from this, you can breathe relief as IBERIABANK Visa® Classic comes with no annual charges at all. You can use this card for all other general credit card benefits like withdrawing money from ATMs, making online purchases and payments.

    While IBERIABANK Visa® Classic does not come loaded with gripping offers and rewards benefits, it do have offers that can help you to have that much required peace of mind with its low interest rates. In addition, there is a twenty five days grace period as well that will also help you when it comes to paying your balances. So, if you are fishing for a credit card that will be perfectly suitable to carry balances, then IBERIABANK Visa® Classic is offered just for you.

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